Listen: 'It’s just so jarring' — covering a disaster at home

Photojournalist Jessica Christian has documented wildfires, floods and other calamities for years, but when flooding hit her hometown — and her family home — it hit different

Sand bags are piled up against the front door of my family’s home after it flooded in the recent storm.
Jessica Christian / The Chronicle
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After years of covering California disasters, Chronicle photojournalist Jessica Christian turned the lens to Sunol, where she grew up. The small town flooded during recent heavy rains .

On this episode of the Fifth & Mission podcast, Christian shares with host Demian Bulwa what it was like to watch her family’s memories and relics get destroyed — and how her local community came together to support one another.

Photo above: Sandbags piled against the front door of Jessica Christian's family home after it flooded during the recent storms.