Newsroom contacts

Newsroom contacts

Newsroom Contacts

General Information

Once you have scanned the topics and have determined the editor most appropriate for your news, address your information directly to that editor. Phone calls are accepted when time is a factor, but information received by email is preferred.

If you have general questions or comments about please e-mail us .


The San Francisco Chronicle editorial staff receives hundreds of requests for stories and event announcements every day. Because space in the newspaper is limited, our editors must prioritize which items to include.

The timeliness of information and its potential interest to The Chronicle's broad readership are our editors' major criteria in determining what to publish. Unusually interesting or significant news presented to the appropriate editor in a concise, complete format has the best chance of being included in the newspaper and on .

Editorial Submissions

If you would like to submit an opinion piece for publication, please see our page on Chronicle Submissions by clicking here . Please read the Chronicle submission guidelines before submission. You may also mail your contribution to Letters to the Editor, 901 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Confidential or Sensitive Tips

If you have confidential or sensitive information you want to share with The Chronicle privately, visit our News Tips page to learn more.